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About us

Bio Kurland is a family enterprise engaged in biological crop production, and has obtained a respective certificate from competent institution of product certification in accordance with EC regulations already since 2005. Fields of enterprise 240 ha in area are located in Zvārdes civil parish where 80 % of territory is covered by forests and which is not polluted by production units and highways. It is adjacent to Natura 2000 territory and Nature park “Zvārdes meži” (“Zvārde Forests”). Biological agriculture is the most right way to our health, our environment and our future. Sustainability of raw materials necessary for processing is especially important for us. Our speciality is growing of buckwheat, caraway and various honey plants. The modern production building for processing of products grown in our fields was built in 2017, when we also have been registered with FVS [Food & Veterinary Service] as biological processing enterprise. It’s our understanding that quality includes all processes from growing of raw material up to the finished product.



Our objective is to create an environment-friendly enterprise or to live and work in symbiosis with nature. We are sure that in future a sustainable entrepreneurial business practice will be successful. Training of employees to work with biological products and their professional development also is very important for us, because one of the basic elements of success is knowledge of workers. Our aim objective is to offer for customers high-quality biological products, at the same time, respecting people, animals and nature.

Ecological footprint

Biological agriculture makes a significant contribution to sustainability of ecologic system. Such a farming method creates no pollutants, protected are insects, plants and groundwater, and, at the same time, biological diversity is promoted, so that animal and plant species ar feeling comfortably in biological fields. Biological agriculture produces up to 25% less CO2 than conventional agriculture. Only firewood is used for heating and drying producung as much CO2 during burning what would be generated in natural decomposition of wood material in forest. We are filing data with all authorities only digitally, of course, as it is provided in conformity with legislation. Whenever possible we offer products without plastic packings.


Only gluten-free products from fields of our own farms are reaching our processing, therefore, we can offer highest quality gluten-free products. In order to obtain high qualty products we use innovative technologies in production. For products which need it we provide purification with color separator which guarantees a high end purity (99,95%). We carry out milling in finger mill made from stainless steel. The finished product is stored ir room where the optimal temperature is maintained automatically. Mostly they are 10 degrees which is sufficiently to exclude pest risks, and product shall reach customers being qualitative. A satisfied customer is our main priority. We believe and support such lifestyle, and, therefore, we are working hard. Our credo is to grow, produce, consume and deliver products which we, ourselves, are ready to consume, with no doubt about their quality. All our products are biologically certified, that means that we guarantee that you will not consume any pesticides or chemicals with our product. We do certify each our product. Our family enterprise offers a complete package – beginning from direct delivery of raw materials and ending with individual packaging of products according to your needs. We pack up in Flat-bags with fusing on top and at bottom. Such type of packing is space-saving. It is possible to make high-quality labels and print at your convenience. We want sustainable and reliable relationship with our customers.


Observing of HACCP guidelines ensure that only high-quality and hygienic secure products reach customers. Regular checks in accordance with our internal quality control system guarantees compliance with HACCP guidelines. All employees are involved in responsibility for quality, thus, everybody makes his/her contribution to quality management. Appearance, consistency, taste, aroma and hygiene of products is corresponding to strict criteria of enterprise. Our enterprises regularly use the services of accredited laboratory to determine the quality of products. We provide test results (regarding remains of pesticides, microbiology, mycotoxins, heavy metals, etc.) to our customers carried out in accredited laboratories. Biologic certification is carried out by certification institution „VIDES KVALITĀTE” – “ENVIRONMENT QUALITY” -(LATAK registration No. LATAK-S1-242-16-2004) which guarantees unmistakable, transparent product control chain from raw material up to delivered product in compliance with EU regulations (No. 834/2007; No. 889/2008). We perform our own checks in the enterprise regarding such parameters as taste, appearance, aroma and purity, as well as product-specific properties, for example, size, number of damages.



Thanks to the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), we have repeatedly managed to modernize and improve our farm.


Here you can see the certificates that we received confirming that we are following the principles of organic farming.